Why Kildrummy

Direct commercial property ownership has traditionally been outside the reach of many investors primarily because of the larger lot sizes involved.

Even in cases where an investor does have access to suitable transactions and the funds to proceed, such an investment often utilises too large a  proportion of available capital and therefore involves an unacceptable level of risk.

Syndication with Kildrummy allows investors access to the market and also offers a tool for diversification by allowing all participants to be involved in a number of syndicates if they so wish, thus spreading their total investment in UK commercial property over a number of properties, tenants, lease expiries, etc.

Unlike an investment into a pooled property investment fund sponsored by institutional managers, or the acquisition of quoted property company shares, participants in a Kildrummy syndicate will be able to make their own decisions in terms of which property/syndicate they participate in and to have an input in control alongside a small group of fellow investors guided by Kildrummy.

Why Kildrummy?

The Kildrummy directors have:

  • Over 20 years experience in all sectors of the UK commercial property investment market.
  • Extensive property contacts throughout the UK property industry allowing them to source a range of potentially suitable investment opportunities.
  • The ability to assess, analyse and identify properties and their potential returns.
  • The market knowledge to establish an investment strategy and business plan for properties selected for syndication.
  • The necessary experience in negotiating, acquiring and undertaking the due diligence on the purchase of investments.
  • The asset management skills to implement chosen business plans.
  • A proven track record in co-investment.
  • Sufficient funds to co-invest with syndicate members.